Shokufeh was founded in 2015

MISSION- Shokufeh is a dance movement company that seeks to enlighten, entertain and inspire audiences with performances and educational opportunities inspired by the dances of the ancient silk road and Persia.

Shokufeh considers ourselves to be ambassadors of cultural understanding, educating and bringing to the west an understanding of the deep impact Persian culture has on western culture over many thousands of years – clothing fashions, how we eat, what we eat, how we furnish our homes, leisure activities, etiquette, science, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, agriculture and art forms including, politics, philosophy, literature, music and of course dance.

In the summer of 2015, Inventing Earth helped to bring Shahrzad Khorsandi to Colorado to offer a teacher certification program and public workshops in Classical Persian Dance. The certification intensive participants form the core of Shokufeh.

This group of professionally-trained dancers is now developing choreography and learning new pieces for debut in 2016.

Core members Include:

  • Delsie Khadem-Ghaeini
  • Khadijah Khadijah
  • Krista Kimmel
  • Mary Lin
  • Georgia Schmid
  • Megan Yalkut


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