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Luminous Corps(e) Performer Training

Somatics for Performers


“I remember thinking towards the end of the last class, ‘I wish we could do this together every day.’ I felt so good, like mind, body, and heart were all in the same place.”

“It’s difficult to compress into mere words the enormity and expansiveness of Luminous Corpse ensemble training. Such a potent mix of connection, movement, vibration, and play. Addictive!”

“Luminous Thread training is brilliant in the way it combines body awareness and artistic sensibility. I have found it to be medicinal for my soul, which got a little bit rigid in my classical vocal training.”

Luminous Corps(e) training is for dancers, movers, musicians, and singers. Luminous Corps(e) is an experiential anatomy- and physiology-based (somatic) training program designed to promote health and longevity of the performer, expanding the versatility, range, and enjoyment of performance practice. Geared toward professional and serious semi-professional performers in the Boulder and Denver area.

These events are free and by invitation only — please contact admin@luminousthread.com for specific time and location.

Luminous Corps(e) training in Boulder is made possible through the generous contributions of time and technical assistance provided by Luminous Thread, an Inventing Earth sponsor. Luminous Thread has already sponsored two production workshops for Inventing Earth in Colorado, involving dozens of professional-level performers. Serious music, dance, and physical theatre pros taking advantage of these free training sessions will deepen their auditioning and performing skills and on-stage/onscreen presence. According to Luminous Thread show creator Mary Lin. “Directors today and in the future want fully embodied performers and this training takes you there efficiently. We’ll be focusing on this in casting our shows.”

About Luminous Corps(e), the ensemble practice of Luminous Thread

This Integral practice develops greater clarity and freedom of movement and mind and using somatic awareness techniques familiar to practitioners of dozens of body work, dance, yoga, and other movement approaches, experiential anatomy, meditation and contemplative movement, vocal freedom techniques, and group ensemble awareness and collaboration.

We are currently working on pieces from The Greenest Branch opera, learning the unique and rich sound created by Natural Music Theory, in anticipation of performances starting in the fall of 2014.

Natural Music Theory has three powerful components:

  • Pythagorean highly resonant intervals that recreate the richness of the overtone sequence in nature.
  • Somatic awareness and resonance in the body and importantly, group resonance and entrainment to the singing space and to the audience.
  • Extended vocal technique (Terracanto) lines which support and blend with traditional singing.

About Luminous Thread

Luminous Thread produces original genre-bending shows which combine music across cultures and eras with varied movement styles in opera, theatre, and ritual designed to inspire further movement of human evolution. Luminous Thread is a sponsor company, providing creative, teaching, mentoring, technical, and financial assistance to Inventing Earth’s educational programming.
About our Integral Approach

Our approach is Integral in nature, meaning we seek to widen the circle of conversation and understanding about complex topics and human experiences; to bring important concepts to light and life, to open understanding and dialogue between different points of view.

“The word integral means comprehensive, inclusive, non-marginalizing, embracing. Integral approaches to any field attempt to be exactly that: to include as many perspectives, styles, and methodologies as possible within a coherent view of the topic. In a certain sense, integral approaches are “meta-paradigms,” or ways to draw together an already existing number of separate paradigms into an interrelated network of approaches that are mutually enriching.”1 – Ken Wilber

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