Mary Lin

Mary Lin

Participation: Co-founder and Artistic Director, Inventing Earth

Multi-disciplinary artist, composer, and performer, Mary Lin, M.Ed. M.F.A. is a woman of many talents. She is an actor, dancer, visual artist, producer, performance poet, and vocalist (jazz, classical, baroque, and contemporary). Her short plays were produced in Prescott College one-day play festivals for several years, and she is active in the local scene wherever she happens to live as a workshop leader in somatic performance practice.

Lin got her start as a professional commercial actress in San Francisco in the 80s, where she sang as ensemble member and soloist with the Ina Chalis Opera Ensemble, she has acted, sung, and performed vocal solos with professional theatre troupes Prescott Independent Theatre and Arizona Classical Theatre, has choreographed and performed dance for the Arizona Classical Theatre Shakespeare festival, choreographed and produced dance pieces for Carpetbag Brigade, and served as 2010 judge for Professional Writers of Prescott’s poetry contest. She was a soloist and ensemble singer with auditioned choirs  for nearly 20 years. She plays the role of Henrietta in the Luminous Thread production of Queen Victoria’s Floating Garden of Secrets and Natural wonders is a founding member of The Flying Body Choir.

Lin has produced several operas that marry science, art, and culture in a manner that sheds a new light on each of these areas of inquiry. Mary wrote the poetic verse libretto for The Greenest Branch, an opera about 12th-century mystic Hildegard von Bingen that incorporates innovative new interpretations of Hildegard’s multi-disciplinary works, for her second masters degree, the Master of Fine Arts from Goddard College (2010). Lin-Sargent’s second opera, Queen Victoria, was previewed in September 2011 at the Great New England Steampunk Convention and performed in full for audiences in Denver and Boulder in 2013.

Mary is a lifelong student and performer of world dance and the choreography and movement in the Luminous Thread performances reflects her eclectic focus and rigorous approach to authenticity and respect for tradition. She has had one-woman and group shows of her assemblage art and her professional illustrations can be seen on both Inventing Earth and Luminous Thread web pages, among other places.

Ms. Lin approaches her work from an Integral perspective informed by undergraduate research in molecular biology, work founding and being a member of sustainable business networks and communities,study with somatics pioneer Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, and two decades of study and practice of esoteric meditation in Theosophical/Buddhist traditions.

Originally from New England, she has lived in Arizona, California, the Midwest, and traveled in Europe and the Americas. Mary has been a professional journalist, creative, and public relations writer for over 20 years. She currently resides in Colorado.

To learn more about Mary’s other professional pursuits, see her profile on LinkedIn.

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