The Flying Body Choir

Do you see yourself singing with an international level ensemble?

Luminous Thread invites trained and adventurous performers to explore a new vocal ensemble. The Flying Body Choir pursues an expanded vocal technique – beyond European classical singing. Our goal is to develop an avant garde vocal ensemble to perform in our operas and in concert settings. We will be writing music especially for the performers in this group.  There will be paid gigs and all members of the choir receive a range of training at low or no cost.

Interested singers should contact to inquire.

We are looking for up to 16 vocalists, with a minimum group number of 8. We are looking for vocalists of all backgrounds, formally trained in at least one tradition. Ability to read traditional music notation, and willingness to read alternative scores, are both required.

Luminous Thread provides an ongoing post-doctoral level training program

The Flying Body Choir members participate in ongoing workshops in world performance traditions, where we will continue to extend our sound and movement vocabularies. One-time workshop opportunities will intersperse the regular and ongoing Conduction meetings and show rehearsals.

Disciplines and approaches used by The Flying Body Choir to foster deep listening are among the most ancient and the most cutting edge extended vocal techniques. Our core approach focuses on deep listening and somatics, grounded by world music traditions that emphasize listening as the main mode of learning. We value a sense of awe, wonder, openness, and curiosity. We also infuse a sense of the sacred, present in many vocal traditions from all over the world: the chants of Hildegard of Bingen, shape note singing, Georgian hymns, the Karnatic tradition, Conduction, and so on. The Karnatic Tradition is one of the oldest continuing musical practices.

Soloists and chorus for upcoming opera productions will be drawn from The Flying Body Choir.

How the Choir fits with your career as a professional musician

We understand and support your goal of establishing a part-time or full-time career in music. Many professionally trained musicians find they have a true gift for teaching, or are drawn to live in a part of the country without compelling opportunities for earning a living as a full-time performer. The effort of building a teaching studio makes it hard to find the time to build up a national level singing career. The Flying Body Choir presents an opportunity to join a cutting edge, globally-relevant ensemble without having to entrepreneur it all on your own –  without having to line up stellar fellow musicians and book the gigs. Ongoing learning opportunities keep the freshness and creativity alive in your music-making.

The Flying Body Choir employs cutting-edge vocal and somatics (deep body awareness)-based performance techniques for enhanced musicality, ensemble awareness, expanded vocal abilities, and enjoyment in singing. Founded in Arizona in 2009, The Flying Body Choir is now re-forming as the standing vocal ensemble for Luminous Thread Opera Theatre, a program of Inventing Earth.

Participating in an open workshop is the first step of the audition process.

Based on deep listening and learning, we offer performers free training and paid gigs. The whole palette of training is ongoing, and designed to keep you curious, engaged, challenged, to deepen your skill, both personally and in an ensemble, and to help you maintain your relevance. Mostly importantly of all, somatic practice enhances the vitality of your instrument and extends the longevity of your career.


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