Spring 2014 Origins Project

Spring 2014 Origins Project took place in April and May at Prairie Creek Charter School in Strasburg, Colorado. The session was co-facilitated by Mary Lin, a co-founder of Inventing Earth, and Marla Madrid, founder of Comanche Crossing Counseling. The project took place over 3 sessions completed in a two week period. During a series of solo, silent journeys, participants delved into important life questions posed by the facilitators, while walking the 30-foot “Labyrinth of Stars” pictured below.

First Walk question: What do I love?

Second Walk question: Where am I going?

Third Walk question: Who are the guides who can help me on my way?

After each journey, the facilitator asked students to write and/or draw images of what they discovered. Participants were asked to relate discoveries to personal, family, and culture of origin narratives. Families and friends were invited to share in hearing the stories on the last day.

Participants spoke of like-changing discoveries they made on their Walks.

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