Collaborative Residencies

About Inventing Earth Collaborative Residencies

The intention of Inventing Earth Collaborative Residencies is that creatives from multiple disciplines — including science, research, history, and the arts — come together to explore working in collaboration. Residencies are typically short, from one to five days. This program is not meant for producing finished works, but to provide a breeding ground for new ideas and approaches that would not be arrived at by a single creator working alone in their own field. Participants may decide, afterwards, to continue developing ideas that formed during the collaborative residency.

Artists, scholars, makers and creatives driven to develop their work process in a collaborative environment are welcome to inquire. We are particularly interested in assisting creatives that have the potential to influence broad social circles or society in general toward a positive manifestation of the survival and flourishing of humankind and life on planet Earth.

Note: Participation is by invitation only. Interested individuals or small groups may submit inquiry letters to request consideration. Contact admin at for details.

Selection Criteria Selection priority is given to individuals that demonstrate:

  • substantial alignment with our mission;
  • ability to contribute value to our other program activities, such as Production Workshops and Public Seminars and demonstrations;
  • individual creativity and self-awareness;
  • visionary artistic and/or scholarly output;
  • ability to inspire others through personal vitality and effectiveness in “making things happen”;
  • community relationships excelling in either or both local and global communication;
  • inclusion of and service to marginalized, disadvantaged, and excluded populations;
  • cultural understanding and the promotion of peace;
  • sustainable relationships between humans and the rest of the natural world;
  • understanding of processes and systems for individual, social, and environmental management and positive change;
  • educational and/or technological innovation;
  • clarity of intention, honest communication, and ability to follow our application process.

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