Board of Directors

Liz Baumann

Liz Baumann – A long time Board Member and Treasurer of Solid State Depot, the Boulder hackerspace, Liz brings technical skills, business analysis, and a background in makerism as an eTextiles designer and artist, plus a performance background in aerial dance. She is also an experienced actuary, having worked for many years in the insurance industry. She lives in and loves Longmont, Colo.

Dido Clard

Dido Clark, Ph.D. – A London native and experienced grant-writer and scholar, Dido worked at The British Museum for 12 years and also taught undergraduate Anthropology in Colorado. Dido combines project management expertise and a passion for erudition, art, and world cultures with activism in her role as a neighborhood leader in Longmont, Colo.

Katy HallKaty Hall – Colorado-born artist, actor, and singer Katy Hall has volunteered and participated in Inventing Earth programs for several years and joins the Board to represent the voice of the participant for Inventing Earth decision-making. Katy recently sang in several Longmont productions, including Sound of Music. She is also a licensed massage therapist working and teaching at the Colorado School of Healing Arts.

Sarah LevisonSarah Levison – Sarah recently completed two full terms as City Council Member in Longmont, holding the at-large, citywide seat. She has organized arts festivals, worked on committees for city planning and major events, and also served on inter-governmental task groups and national working committees. She is a lifelong promoter of arts and education.

Ben SargentBenjamin Sargent – An original co-founder and treasurer for the organization, Ben is a trained writer, composer, and puppeteer. He also works internationally as a market research analyst studying online languages, digital experience, and technology. Ben has served as executive producer for award-winning websites and award-winning operas.

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