Production Workshops

Nuptials for the Dead Goes Up at Oriental TheaterThe model defined by Inventing Earth for our last two projects with our sponsoring partner, Luminous Thread, can now be replicated by other production companies seeking an organizational and funding framework for developing large-scale interdisciplinary works. Here is how the production workshops were put together:

  1. The production company (Luminous Thread) brought established, professional artists from multiple fields to mentor and coach early career professional-level talent.
  2. Inventing Earth provided the workshop environment and the budding artists, technicians, and others looking for the opportunity to work with and learn from the veterans.
  3. At the end of the workshop, the production company sponsored a live performance to showcase the completed work. After the workshop ended, Luminous Thread offered some or all the performers a commercial contract for one or more professional performances.

To learn more about Luminous Thread and the two full-length operas (“Nuptials for the Dead” and “Queen Victoria’s Floating Garden of Secrets & Natural Wonders”), please visit

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