Nick Trotter

Nick Trotter, puppeteerParticipation: Summer Workshop Series 2013 – Comedia dell’Arte, a hands on workshop for singers and actors

Awarded an MFA from the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theater in 2009, Nick studied with Ronlin Foreman (Clown, Acting), Giovanni Fusetti (Commedia, Bouffon), Joan Schirle, Michael Fields (Acting), Bruce Marrs (Mask), Joe Krienke (Acrobatics), Jackie Dandeneau, (Voice), Stefano Perrocco (Leather mask design).

Prior to that, Nick spent two years in the BFA program at New York University, Playwrights Horizon Theatre School, where he worked with Robert Moss, Travis Preston (Directing) Marleen Pennison, Christine Farrell (Acting) David Bucknam, Helen Gregory (Musical Theatre) Chuck Jones, Susan Finch, Charlotte Fleck (Voice & Speech), Anne Bogart (Viewpoints workshop), Hovey Burgess (Circus).

Nick also participated in the Training Intensive 1996 Center for Theatre Practices in “Gardzienice,” Poland, and at the 1994 Summer Theatre Institute of Nikitskikh Vorot Theatre in Moscow with Mark Rozovski and Arkady Katz, studying Stanislavski, Chekhov and Shakespeare.

In Denver, Nick’s main project is Circo de Nada, a producing entity responsible for a number of different productions, including Ferdinand the MagnificentThe Book of Jonah, and the improv/street show Circo de Nada, which is a contemporary take on Commedia dell’Arte.

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