2013 Events

Queen Victoria’s Floating Garden

May 3rd – Dairy Center, Boulder May 5th – Su Teatro, Denver Watch a scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzzd2eCm_m0 The Song of Our Homelands is the mutiny scene of the Pirate Lasses that ends Act One of Queen Victoria’s Floating Garden of Secrets and Natural Wonders. This video is a single camera angle from the 5 May 2013 performance at Su Teatro in Denver, Colorado, USA.

The Elf Queen Ball

May 11, a costume-optional Dance Party/Fundraiser, Odd Fellows Hall, 1543 Pearl Street, Boulder. DJ Mark Klosterman & DJ SJaM (Steven Morris) rocked the house with Tribal/Trance/Funk/Rock/World Music.

Gaga Workshops with Maree ReMalia

Gaga is the movement language that was developed by Ohad Naharin throughout many years, parallel to his work as a choreographer and the artistic director of Batsheva Dance Company. Maree ReMalia guided us in two separate workshops, one for each of the Gaga “tracks,” Gaga/dancers and Gaga/people.

 Comedia dell’Arte

July 13 – a hands on workshop with Nick Trotter, for singers and actors. An introduction to the basics of masked comedy performance, appropriate for beginning students and experienced actors alike. Following a discussion from Nick Trotter on the history and traditions of Commedia, we explored levels of physical tension and neutrality (which are essential to playing a mask) and basic status play. We then explored Face Masks and Character Half-Masks, using improvisation to explore characters, speech and the physical relationship that Commedia actors must have with their audience.

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