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A Perfect Storm of Mental Health Stupidity

By Mary Lin, M. Ed., M.F.A.

The US has wound itself up into perfect storm of mental health stupidity, and we're seeing the results in events like the massacre in Connecticut this past week. Amidst the screaming about guns and personal responsibility, perhaps we'd be well served to consider a…


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Mary Starts Work on Nuptials for the Dead Costumes

Inspiration struck this morning as a spring honeymoon in Paris was being planned. Mary set to work immediately on a costume that will eventually be a part of the Nuptials for the Dead show currently in planning. Mary has requested an Inventing Earth production workshop for costume design and development. Let us know if you'd be interested. Timing has not yet been set.…


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Mary Lin Artshow Reviewed in The Courier March 30, 2012

This colorful article published today in The Courier, Prescott Arizona's daily newspaper about the art opening…


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Art Opening Tonight: Tyme Machinnes

When: March 26 to May 5, 2012

Where: The Raven, Prescott AZ, USA

Who: Mary Lin, co-founder of Inventing Earth

What: Art developed as part of the design of Queen Victoria Steampunk, an Inventing Earth production workshop in…


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Preparing our 2012 Open Workshop Series on World Vocal Traditions

We are excited to announce that we are putting together a new series on World Vocal Traditions for 2012:

The format this year will be an evening workshop that gets run in both Denver and Boulder, followed by a weekend intensive for those who wish to delve further, including area experts who may want to skip the introductory…


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Inventing Earth Granted Exempt Status by IRS

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Rehearsals Begin for Queen Victoria Preview Show

This month we begin rehearsals for the September preview of "Queen Victoria's Floating Garden of Secrets and Natural Wonders." The singers are learning the music. Mary Lin's signature "Edwardian Alchemist" steampunk costumes are looking fantastic. Ben Galde's collapsible set is under construction. Exciting!


If you can make it to Fitchburg MA on September 18th, the show begins at 11am and will run for approximately 45 minutes. Here is where to buy your tickets: …


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Music for A While - Purcell in the Kitchen

Mary singing in the kitchen of all places, and recorded with an iPhone of all devices. 

Muisc for Awhile in the Kitchen by… Continue

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Articles of Incorporation Accepted

Our non-profit paperwork has been accepted by the Arizona Corporation Commission. Our next step is to file with the IRS for 501(c)(3) non-profit status at the Federal level. We expect to submit that paperwork in the coming months.

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Inventing Earth files Articles of Incorporation

We filed non-profit paperwork today with the Arizona Corporation Commission. Here are the salient bits:

1. Name: The Name of the Corporation is: Inventing Earth

2. Purpose: The purpose for which the corporation is organized is:

  • Inventing Earth is an educational organization that with a mission to “blend the wisdom of the past with the…

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